Psychotherapy for Children

sillouette of young child in sunsetMy approach is based on the developmental processes that we understand through neuroscience, microvideo analysis and attachment research.  We influence and respond to each other when we interact with each other, and over time, those interactions can change how we think, feel, work, play and have relationships. I think about that influence, response and change as therapy.   I use play as a method to help children to express themselves.  As we play, interact, influence and respond to each other, the children I work with  become better able to engage in life. They learn to recognize and understand invitations to communicate well, and use them to become more and more able to be themselves in vital, productive, and comfortable ways.

There are challenges in life such as divorce, moving, a new family member or school, or separations. Sometimes  there are neurological differences in the ways that children learn, pay attention, communicate or experience sensory stimulation that create some difficulties. When these things happen, children can feel angry, sad, closed off, frightened or unmotivated. Drawing on research into the various ways we connect to ourselves and each other, I help children who find those connections challenging, infuriating, frightening or painful to grow in ways that make relationships, and school  increasingly vitalizing, satisfying and productive.

I work with children of all ages both within children’s programs  (early childhood, preschool, afterschool or childcare) and individually in my office.

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