Virtual Unmeeting During COVID19

What does it mean to us to have no physical address when we meet each other?  When we meet each other our bodies are not flesh and organs, they take up no space, they materialize and dematerialize at a click by our unperceived real finger, or someone else’s, that we don’t see or feel.  We do not share our physical space.  We do not move in relation to others in space; although our images do a partial dance together, screen to screen.  But, we do not move toward each other.  We do not go away from each other.  Around,  side by side, back to back…….so many of our perspectives gone.  

What will it mean to bodily go back into real space again?  Will our neurons remember how to sense where and who we are in relation to each other?  Will we recognize the living human beings we encounter in the real world?  Will our mirror neurons be out of practice resonating with all whom we encounter, and so leave us in this a strange un-sensible world of danger lingering within our senses even after a vaccine?

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