Education and Childcare Consultation

I consult to  all inclusive educational, recreational and childcare programs that serve differently abled children.  Programs that have autistic spectrum, neurotypical, gifted, traumatized, and/or learning and language challenged children benefit from this consultation.  I collaborate with parents, faculty, staff and peers to increase interactions that help children to develop healthy ways to connect with others, … More Education and Childcare Consultation

Parent Working Groups

Parent Working Groups Parent Working Groups are inclusive and diverse groups of parents who exchange questions and experiences with each other in order to strengthen their ability as parents.  Parents attend in recognition of the scope and impact of their work as parents.  I offer developmental information and facilitate the group process so that empirically … More Parent Working Groups

Therapeutic Partnership Consultation

Therapeutic Partnerships Therapeutic Partnerships pair a client with a community member who identifies activities that  allow the client to work with a representation of their own developmental striving in the context of a consistent, attentive relationship that confirms the client’s forward edge thinking and possibilities.   This model involves structured time periods spent with partnership … More Therapeutic Partnership Consultation

Square Width Model for Children’s Programs Consultation

Square Width Square Width is a model of embedded recognition and responsivity for use with all programs for children.  It’s purpose is to fuel constructive social, emotional and academic engagement by all children, including gifted, neurotypical, traumatized, autistic, advantaged and disadvantaged children in inclusive groups.  It uses the diversity of inclusive groups to generate development. … More Square Width Model for Children’s Programs Consultation

Early Childhood Empathic Inquiry Inclusion Consultation

Early Childhood Empathic Inquiry Inclusion There is a biological process by which human beings learn about each other’s experience. This process is a powerful basis for the human connections that fuel integrated learning and living.  I have developed a way of identifying and expanding this process in inclusive preschool classrooms. With this approach, children who are … More Early Childhood Empathic Inquiry Inclusion Consultation